Welcome to My Style Mortgage, where your home, your loan, and your style converge.

Backed by cutting-edge technology and seasoned loan advisors, we craft personalized loan solutions designed to match your individuality.

Experience speedy closings and a mortgage journey tailored just for you.

My Style Mortgage Benefits

Experience the My Style Mortgage  Advantage: Swift closings, tailored lending solutions, and top-tier service, all powered by cutting-edge technology and a team of seasoned professionals. Elevate your lending experience with My Style Mortgage today.
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Cutting-edge Technology

We leverage state-of-the-art technology to facilitate a seamless closing process, ensuring all involved parties are informed every step of the way.

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Seasoned Loan Advisors

Our team of seasoned loan advisors expertly handles a diverse range of lending needs, insuring personalized service from refinancing to specialized loan options.

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Speedy Closing

With our refined systems and experienced team, we consistently achieve faster closing times compared to other lenders in the area.

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Loan Programs

Refinance (R&T)

Allowing you to lower your interest rate or adjust your loan terms.

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Cash Out Refinance

Funds for important expenses, high interest debt consolidation or investments.

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StreamLine Refinance

Lower your monthly payments with our streamlined refinance program, offering reduced paperwork and faster approvals.

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Check Loan Rates
Real Time

Easily access clear, honest rates and closing costs with a few simple clicks.

No personal information required.

Our Process

Our streamlined process ensures efficiency and transparency from start to finish. With clear steps and proactive communication, we guide you seamlessly through each stage. Experience peace of mind as we navigate your loan journey together.

Step 1
Get pre-qualified or pre-approved

Apply online or talk with one of our seasoned Loan Officers to see what you can afford

You get a pre-qualification letter or approval letter. It makes your offer stronger.

Get a discounted real estate agent if you’re not already working with one.

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Step 2
Find a home & send us the contract

Once you find a home and your offer is accepted, you’ll upload your contract

Your loan officer will review and recommend the best loan for you

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Step 3
Upload remaining documents

You’ll upload things like ID, paystubs, bank statements, etc.

Your loan coordinator will submit your documents for lender review.

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Step 4
Final to-do’s

Your lender will complete their review and send us a list of final to-do’s before closing.

Your processor will work with you to finish open to-do’s. We may need more documents from you.

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Step 5
Close on time

A closing specialist will reach out to you to schedule your closing.

On closing day, you’ll bring your ID, sign some documents and be on your way!

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